2018 Election Endorsement Information

2018 Election Endorsement Information

Posted by on Sep 30, 2018 in Featured

Dear Estero Supporter,

Ever since 2004 an ad-hoc group of involved Estero citizens have gotten together to interview the candidates for important local offices that don’t get a lot of publicity. We did so once again this year with an even larger number of communities being represented.

On October 5th, the Supervisor of Elections will be mailing absentee ballots out to the Estero Voters who have requested them. Historically, a large percentage of Estero voters Vote-By-Mail.

We hope you will look it over and, if you find it useful, share it with your Estero friends and neighbors and, of course support these fine candidates when you vote.

Please share these recommendations throughout your community and Estero.

Sample Ballot of Endorsements

Screening Committee Endorsements

How to Support our Candidates

Messages from Recommended Candidates

Screening Committee Members

Al Meyer, Amy Miller, Angelo Cannatero, Barry Freedman, Ben Korbly, Beverly MacNellis, Bill Carr, Bill Savage, Bob Lienesch, Bonnie Brandt, Cindy Marchant, Corie Gessler, Corie Gessler, Cynthia Passera, David Bowser, Dick Schweers, Don Rowe, Doug Saxton, Frank Moser, Frank Pollard, Fred Moore, Jack Lienesch, Jack Lienesch, Jackie Aaron, Jane Kuckel, Jane Moran, Jerry Masters, Jim Dodge, Jim Merritt, Jim Shields, Joe Miceli, John Neville, John Wood, Joyce Johnson, Judy Cochran, Ken Goldstein, Kevin Tolliver, Linda Tecco-Roach, Lou Frattarelli, Lowell Gerson, Marie Catanese, Mark Novitski, Marlene Rodak, Mike Ruhland, Neil Scheffler, Patty Whitehead, Pete Cangialosi, Ray Pothier, Reas Graber, Sheree Marlow, Vicki Olson, Vince Modarelli