About BCC

scultpureThe Brooks Concerned Citizens (BCC) committee was established to identify issues occurring outside the gates of our communities that may affect the quality of life of the residents of The Brooks, Estero and South Lee County. Through this Web Site we hope to provide information to residents about these issues.

Guidelines for Brooks Concerned Citizens [“BCC”]

What is the BCC?

  1. The mission of the BCC is to identify issues outside the Brooks communities which may affect the quality of life or other interests of Brooks residents and take appropriate actions with public officials or others to advance the interests of Brooks residents regarding such issues.  The BCC is a volunteer organization which, in advancing the interests of the Brooks communities – Copperleaf, Lighthouse Bay, Shadow Wood and Spring Run – works insofar as possible in cooperation with other residents of Estero and Lee County, in such forums as the Estero Council of Community Leaders [“ECCL”], the Estero Village Government which includes the Council, the Zoning and Planning Board, Lee Public Voice and the Estero Design and Review Board.  It also attempts to work with the Lee County Board of County Commissioners [“BOCC”].
  2. The BCC consists of four BCC Representatives [“Reps”], appointed by each of the governing bodies of the four Brooks communities[1], and other members of the Brooks communities who choose to participate. The reps work in concert insofar as possible.  No formal membership, application, etc., are required; all Brooks residents may participate.
  3. The BCC reps periodically select either one of their group or some other experienced person from the Brooks to be the chairman for the purpose of organizing meetings, preparing agendas, making public reports etc.

BCC Activities

These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Make reports — Each BCC rep is expected to regularly report on the BCC reps’ current and planned activities to his/her respective appointing authority (currently, the governing board of each community), the neighborhood leaders, and residents generally, including reports through the various Brooks community newsletters, e-mail “blasts,” and other communication avenues. “Periodically” means normally on at least a bi-monthly basis, with less frequent reports during the off season (May – October).
  • Participate in Appropriate Meetings of Public Bodies –BCC reps participate in ECCL meetings and activities and in other meetings, public sessions (eg, of BOCC, the Lee County MPO, the County Local Planning Agency, etc.), and other activities as it appears to them and the communities that Brooks interests and concerns are or are likely to be affected, and for the purposes of both understanding these activities and expressing Brooks concerns and interests.
  • Hold Public Meetings for Residents – Periodically and at other times as may be appropriate because of urgency for a particular issue. Any meeting of the BCC will be open to all Books residents and the public to discuss pending and potential BCC issues and hear the residents’ views and concerns.
  • Engage Brooks Community Members in BCC Work — BCC reps are expected to engage fellow community residents to the maximum feasible extent in carrying out BCC functions.
  • Provide Information on Elections — As elections of Lee County and other local or state officials representing Brooks communities approach, the BCC shall normally participate in the interviews of leading candidates who accept the BCC’s invitation, and then report to the residents on the candidates positions on relating to Brooks and Estero/Lee County issues, together with any recommendations or endorsement about such candidates, regarding those positions as deemed appropriate.

[1] Any of the Brooks communities might decide to select its representative via election by the members of that community, via appointment by the community’s “council of [neighborhood] presidents” or comparable body, or by some other appropriate means